Some advice on Jumping.


Here is an email that I sent to a client about how to jump safely and effectively.

Sharissa Reichert

Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 9:23 PM

When jumping it is very important not to land too hard on your knees. 
When you jump up spring up using your quads and land lightly on your feet with your butt sticking out as if in a squat position. Keep your core tight though out the exercise and try and absorb the force of your landing into your quads and core, not on your feet, ankles or knees. 

Form  is very important for you with jumping because you are a Runner. Personally I don’t recommend jumping a ton for age 40 plus humans but can be done  safely. 

Want to improve your jumping?  20 jumps per day is recommended for building and maintaining bone density.

Try 40 jumps per day every other day. No jumping if your quads are sore, I used to use a step for jumping but a low  hurdle will work too. They also have these plyometic  boxes
or a trampoline will be better for your joints. 


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