My new Class M.A.P

Dear Family of Clients,

Introducing my new online class:   

What:    M. A. P. ( meditation against pain) 

When:   Thursday’s at 12:00pm till 12:45pm

How:     Over Zoom ,I will email you the link. 

This class will be a physical meditation, (movement with accompanying thought) to help with pain relief. The class will also have a small amount of light stretching at the end.  The class is meant to be  taken lying down, but can be taken while sitting in a chair as well.  This class  can bring relief  for  physical  and emotional pain.

I will be bring up different points and questions about your pain that you can bring into the meditation to help you with your healing journey. 

I will also be discussing some non medical interventions for pain such as Salonpas and wintergreen oil at the beginning of the class. 

This class is appropriate for anyone at any fitness level. 

The class is free but I will be accepting donations though Venmo@Sharissa-Reichert 

PayPal  at 

Zelle at 646-248 338, Brook

15 % of the donation will go to a food pantry in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY


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