Introducing my first full length work out video!!

Premiering this Month : my new full length video :

Bomb Shell Bone Builders!


A few months ago my boss at Alana Life and Fitness approached me about a new promotional idea for the personal trainers and the gym.

She wanted to do full length videos for purchase and promotional purposes.

I chose the theme of Bone Density and Osteoporosis one of my favorite subjects in fitness for my video.

Why did I create this video?

Say you are at the Doctor, they tell you you have bone loss. The doctor tells you to do weight bearing exercise and take Vitamin D and get enough calcium.

What does that really mean??

You go to the gym, where perhaps you have never been before to solve this problem. You see a bunch of machines, weights, muscular people working out, people going crazy in aerobics classes. But what do you do?? This can be a very intimidating situation.


I created BBB for you. With this video you can know exactly what to do to improve your bone density.



This is a very important subject for public health as well women’s health.

We all hear about Osteoporosis, bone density , fosimex, calcium, vitamin D. But up close Osteoporosis is a horrible painful debilitating disease.

The statistics say that 50% of American women over age 50, and 30 % of American men over age 70 will suffer some type of bone loss. Osteoporosis make people more susceptible to hip fractures. If you break a hip at age 45, you have a 10% chance of dying, at age 80 the mortality rate for hip fracture is 75%. Yes, Loss of bone can be deadly.


What I have seen up close and personal is broken shoulders, hips and arms, stress fractures in the ribs and feet , and broken spines that curve and compress on the internal organs and cause great pain. Bone loss is serious but there is plenty we can to preserve our bones as much as we can.


We all here about calcium and Vitamin D. Your doctor can tell you to lift weights or say weight bearing exercise is good for you , but what exactly to you do? My videos will explain exactly what to do in a very clear and concise manner.


What you will learn form my Videos:

What exercises you will need to do.

How much weight and reps you need to do

Why balance plays and important role in Bone loss program.


How to exercise safely if you already have bone loss.








Healthy Eating Tip!!

Easy tip: Cook 5 cups of veggies at the beginning of the week and add them to everything.


Here is this week’s veggies mix:


1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 zucchini

5 cloves of garlic

1 medium red onion


  1. Chop all to half-inch pieces


  1. Sauté in a wok with 3 tbsp grapeseed oil and a little salt for about 7-10min.


What to do with them:


* Eat as a side dish.

  • Add them to your tomatoes sauce when eating pasta
  • Add them instant soup.
  • Throw them on top of pasta
  • Add them to your grill cheese
  • Wrap them in your burrito skins and/or taco shells and dress with salsa. You can add hot sauce to them before enjoying them Mexican style.
  • Put them on top of rice cakes with hummus
  • Put them on top of a baked potatoes or squash


And last but not least for the college set:


Add them to your Ramen noodles (gasp!) or your Annie’s mac n cheese. When boiling the noodles for the instant mac n cheese just add you veggies in after the noodles are almost cooked boil for 30 sec drain and prepare you mac n cheese as directed.


You can do this with just about any veggie, but keep in mind carrots and root veggies may take a little longer to cook than 10 min in the wok.


You can also do this with roasted veggies. Just keep the seasoning neutral (don’t add anything but salt) so you can season them according to your dish of the day.


For instance: Having pierogies? Add a little dill to the veggies and put them on top of the pierogies.


Use nonfat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and voila — instant complete meal!