My latest review.

I have been helping a friend recover from COVID and it’s repercussions. This person started with a half hour session once per week about 2 weeks after getting out of the hospital. I increased the sessions to two half hour sessions per week after 3 months. This has not been an easy journey for both of us. It has though, been an effective one.

This has been my best Physical Therapy experience, ever! I recommend Sharissa Reichert in full confidence as an excellent Physical Therapist. After over a month in the hospital and in bed at home with Covid, I lacked strength, stamina, and I was on full oxygen twenty-four hours a day due to lung damage. Sharissa insightfully assessed my condition and put together an effective treatment plan, before commencing sessions via Zoom. Sharissa was alert, sensitive, and anticipatory to any possible pain or struggle I experienced and always kept me safe. The results: I felt my body getting stronger each week, and it was obvious I was able to do things each session that were impossible the prior week. Sharissa is patient, caring, efficient, knowledgeable, and creative in her approach.I have tremendous respect for her kindness and her professionalism. 

Marc R


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