Why I work as a Personal Trainer.

Why I am in Business as a Personal Trainer


I got rid of many of my own health problems through exercise, I wanted to show others the joy of working out and the health benefits of exercise.


My first session was with a young friend of the family who was not taking care of his health. The kickboxing teacher from the gym where I worked and I were trying to get this kid into exercise as a better direction for his lifestyle. During our first session, this guy opened up to me about wanting to get healthy. He loved what I taught him, and looked much better after our workout.


It was after that session when I realized my mission in life: I was meant to heal others though exercise! Today I can honestly say that I love being a personal trainer not for the money but for the service it provides to so many people.





Here are several reasons why I love my job:


  1. I love healing others.


  1. I love watching others get stronger, and have less pain/fewer colds and flu (while reaping all of the countless benefits of working out).


  1. I like watching others build confidence. To see someone not be uncomfortable in the gym and know what to do is great!


  1. I like to study. I love learning new things. I study exercise and practice what I learn 6 days a week, whether that means reading an article in a trade magazine and sharing that knowledge with a client, or reading a new book on an exercise theory. There is always something new in this industry to learn and bring into sessions.


While some people choose to have bigger paychecks, but work jobs they hate, I can honestly say I love my job because of the difference it makes in my clients’ lives. Today, personal training isn’t just an elite service used by the rich. It’s affordable to many clients of all income levels.


I’m so happy to be part of the fitness trend, and hope to continue personal training for many years to come.




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