Client Testimonial

When I contacted Sharissa about training, I had thought that I knew what I wanted:  a few sessions to teach me how to safely do a few dumbbell exercises to supplement my cardio.  What I got was so much more.  She has showed me a wide range of exercises that do large muscle groups, small muscle groups, abs, balance, and coordination.  Although I’ve been working out on my own for many years, I have never seen my body change so quickly, and get so much stronger in so many ways. Its only been about 10 weeks!   I don’t like gyms, and she designed the training to be done at home with a minimum of equipment.  Furthermore, I was apprehensive about starting to do weights again after having overdone it and given myself a case of tendonitis.  When I told Sharissa about this, she worked my exercise program around it, and my elbow is MUCH better than before I started.  Furthermore, she helped me with some shoulder tightness that has been bothering me for years.  She is careful, attentive, and really knows her stuff.  She will push you, but not further than you can go.  I can’t recommend her enough.
Paul Geltner, Psychoanalyst, Park Slope.

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