New Client Reference.


Sharissa started working with me in early September.  I will be 70 in March and although I’ve been active most of my life–jogging and when my knees failed, roller blading for an hour 5/week or doing indoor exercise when the weather didn’t permit outdoor–I stopped about two years ago when my husband, Martin, started having physical and mental problems due to hydrocephalus.  Over that time, but mostly in the past year, I gained close to 15 lbs. and became quite flabby and a bit off balance.

During Sharissa’s initial assessment of me she quickly

perceived my problems of imbalance and weakness and set up a program that gradually addressed those issues.  After about 12 hours’ training with her–that is, after a mere six weeks, I can feel a remarkable difference in muscle tone and stamina.  I do not think that I will need her after this second series of 10 sessions because I feel so much better and believe that I can continue exercising on my own the way I used to.

Sharissa is a miracle worker!  Not only has she helped me but I see a great difference in the work she has done with Martin who turned 83 in September.  He had brain surgery in March to correct the accumulation of fluid there and needed five months to recover, but his recovery has been more dramatic since Sharissa started working with him.  While I see my time with Sharissa as short-term, I see Martin’s time with her as long-term, and it’s money well spent because of the splendid results.

​  I want my husband to live a long, long time and Sharissa is the link to that eventuality.​


Sharissa really knows about old bodies:

he knows what she’s doing and has never left us, even after an arduous session, feeling hurt.​Beyond that, she’s a joy to be with​–we laugh a lot! ​​–we laugh a lot! ​We couldn’t recommend dear Sharissa ​more highly!



We wish you healthy lives!

Jane and Martin




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