Remote Training with Sharissa: A Great Alternative to In-Person Personal Training

Sometimes it’s challenging to find time to go to the gym and meet with a trainer when you’re busy. That’s why I have two new great services available: Personal training through Skype and custom-made workout videos. I have been training clients over Skype for more than a year, and just started creating custom-made videos for some of them. Here, I’ll tell you more about each option.

Why Train Over Skype
There are many reasons why training over Skype is a great way to get or stay in shape.
The number one reason is cost. My usual fee is $125 per hour for hands-on, in-person training in your home or other location of choice. Skype lessons are only $50 per hour, and while you don’t get to meet with me in person, the rate is much more economical for those who are trying to save money without skimping on fitness.
The second reason is location. I have people who really want to work with me but live far away. Two of my Skype clients are 50-plus miles away and do not get to miss out on working with me thanks to the technology. I’ve even trained someone 3,000 miles away.
You still get a custom-made, personalized exercise program and workout. You also get individual attention and service — it’s just over the screen. Really, all you need is a decent Web cam!
How do Skype lessons work? Send send me your payment over Paypal, schedule the lesson, get in front of the computer with all of your exercise equipment, and Skype call me for your session!
I can even get your initial fitness assessment done over Skype, although I prefer to do that in person if possible.

Challenges and Considerations with Skype Training
Remote training is not for clients at risk for falling. However, I would take on a Skype client at risk for falling if someone was in the room to assist them throughout the lesson as needed.
Another challenge: Getting the right camera angle. I got a Web cam for my lessons a while ago, so I’ve had some practice. What I recommend is using a camera that offers decent resolution up to seven feet away from the lens. It’s better if you can work out in front of a clear wall space so that I can evaluate your technique as you work out to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit out of each exercise. You also need to be able to move the camera angle down toward the floor so that I can see your whole body on the floor. Keep in mind that positioning the camera correctly can take some practice.
Skype can also work for exercise newbies. But if you’re a newcomer, ideally you want to get three to four hands-on sessions before moving on to Skype.
What do people think of the Skype lessons?
They love them. They are convenient, effective, and inexpensive. You still get the individual attention to detail and someone watching and correcting your exercise form.

Custom Videos

Clients often ask me what we did in their last workout, so I started making custom videos with written instructions. Again these are individual programs tailored to each of my clients’ individual needs.
Here’s how it works: You get an e-mail with instructions on how many reps of each exercise to do, and and how long to do the workout for. Then, you watch the video that I sent!
Before I started creating custom videos, I was sending clients pictures with instructions and charts. While these can be helpful, many of my clients considered them confusing and overly complicated.
The videos are easier due to the fact that you can see exactly what the exercise is and how to do it.
The videos are about 10 minutes long and I can send them to you over Google Drive, DropBox, or other video-share programs. We can transfer or burn the video to disc.
Currently, I offer a Remote Package Service deal that combines Skype and the videos: One fitness assessment and session over Skype and three exercise videos for $150.
These choices are all great options to make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise program and are a great alternative to training in person.


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