New Client Review.

Bene-Fits Personal Train Testimonial

I have been training with Sharissa for 6 weeks after recuperating from delivering twins.  I have worked with other trainers in NYC and Sharissa has far exceeded all my expectations. Firstly,  she is very knowledgeable about a woman’s body after pregnancy and she has an unique style for training that has proven to be effective.  Her style is simple and yet very methodological.  She first expertly accessed my body condition (she could tell I once had a broken foot!).  Then she created a fitness program that helped my body while I could still keep up with my responsibilities at home.  Sharissa’s training style does not involve killing you so you can’t move the next day.  She expertly designed a program that had a fine balance of challenging and doable exercises. I could tell the program was working because Sharissa methodologically kept notes of my workouts and showed me my progress in weights and endurance.  No other trainer I had worked with ever did this for me.  The results I have achieved with only ten sessions are a more fit body, a great feeling of accomplishment and the motivation to continue to take care of myself.  The last one is the most important to me because I have grown more confident to workout on my own using everything I have learned with Sharissa.  Overall my training with Sharissa has turned out to be the best investment I have ever made for myself. I am so lucky I found such a great trainer to help me recuperate from pregnancy.


One thought on “New Client Review.

  1. Wow! What a great testimonial. Makes me even for eager to start working out with you again…hopefully by mid-July. Love, Helen

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