Mega Bar the Cutting Edge in Home workouts.




Recently a young personal trainer and entrepreneur named Obidi sent me an e-mail about his new invention.


I looked at his Kickstarter campaign and was very impressed. The Mega Bar is a complete home gym in one compact product. It can be used with resistance bands, weights, suspension straps, and also transforms into a pull-up bar. It’s incredibly versatile and extremely affordable.


‘Wow!’ I thought, ‘I want one of these! This looks great for my own home workouts and for my clients.’


We email occasionally now. I decided to interview him for my blog:


Me: What certification do you have and how long have you been certified?


Obidi: I have AAAI and have been certified for two years.


Me: What made you decide to invent a piece of exercise equipment?


Obidi: I was at the end of my junior year in college. I couldn’t find a job and I was wondering what would happen if I couldn’t find a job after college. I had been looking at ways to improve a pull-up bar and I ended up inventing a totally new product.


Me: How long did it take you to design the product from start to finish?


Obidi: About three and a half months. Even after my idea was completed, I kept adding little touches.


Me: Who is the Mega Bar designed for?


Obidi: It is for anyone who can do resistance training. I designed a versatile product that anyone can use, no matter how experienced or inexperienced.


Me: Is it safe for pregnant women to use?


Obidi: Yes, though of course it depends on the exercise. It’s not as cumbersome as 6 foot barbell. Even if a pregnant woman doesn’t want to train with weight plates, she can use bands with it.


Me: Great! I train a lot of seniors, I have two clients in their 80’s. Is it safe for that population?


Obidi: Yes, this product is for anyone who wants to work on any muscle. It’s important for seniors to do resistance training, not only to prevent osteoporosis but to improve their balance.


Me: What is your favorite exercise to do with the Mega Bar?


Obidi: It might be the front squat. The Mega Bar allows you to front squat comfortably and naturally, without putting any strains on your wrist.


Me: Anything else you want to put out there?


Obidi: It’s on Kickstarter for just a few more days. Act quickly if you want an early bird discount!




Me: When is the product going to be available?


Obidi: As soon as the Kickstarter reaches the 12k goal, it is going to go into production. We expect that it will be available for delivery in March. After that, it will be available exclusively on line.


Obidi loves fitness and working out and he really believes in his product. Keep an eye out for this young entrepreneur; he is going to go far if he keeps up at this pace. I think we will all be hearing about him in the future.











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