Momo Salad Dressing Review.





Momo Salad Dressing: Super Delicious!


Trolling around my local Whole Foods in Brooklyn one day, I ran into a cute Japanese woman selling her handmade salad dressings. I tried all three kinds — they were so good I drank them after finishing the cucumber samples that were the ideal vehicle for the salad dressing  perfection I had just experienced. I ran to the salad dressing section and bought a bottle.


I usually make my own salad dressing. Not only to save tons of money, but to avoid yucky ingredients like corn syrup and other added sugars that are in some commercial dressings.


I have many friends from Japan and have had plenty of homemade Japanese food. I know my salad dressing and my Japanese food. So for me to to actually buy salad dressing is very impressive.


When I decided to pick one, I chose the low-fat “No Oil Shiso” flavor. When I got it home it was one of those food items my son, the budding young teenage chef, and I fought over — it was that delicious.


This is such a wise choice for healthy eating and perhaps one of the best low-fat dressings I have ever had.


As I noted earlier, most low fat dressings are loaded with corn syrup, modified food starch, and even propylene glycol — the stuff used to make your shampoo thick. The food industry often uses sugar to replace the flavor from fat in many low-fat commercial food products. Some of these salad dressing even have something in them called “sulfiting agents.” * That’s a term that sounds like it belongs in a “James Bond” movie … not something to serve for dinner.


Momo Dressing has some great simple ingredients.


The first ingredient: Love! You can taste the care and pride that goes into the product.


Next …


Apples, onion, pure lemon juice: Just fruits and veggies! Yay!

Rice vinegar:  love it!

Shiso leaves: a kind of Japanese mint

Organic Agave nectar: a nice sweetener that’s free of refined sugar and therefore won’t raise your blood sugar too much


According to Momo’s Facebook page, the company takes the time to pick local and high-quality ingredients.


The best part? The No Oil Shiso flavor is  20 calories a serving (2 tbsp). Wow, I am impressed, all of that flavor with so few calories! I could not have done better myself, which is why I bought this wonderful stuff.


At $8 for an eight-ounce bottle, it’s definitely not cheap. However, you certainly get good value for your money, when you consider taste and health benefits. Momo Dressing is available at Whole Foods, Union Market, farmers markets, and other specialty stores in the New York City area.


Salad lovers rejoice! * link regarding sulfitting agents.


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