Working out From Home.

Working Out at Home– A Great Option

Can you get into shape by working out at home? Isn’t the gym the only way to get into shape?
Working out in your house is a good viable option for fitness. There is nothing like the gym for getting into shape. The weight machines are good for a great many people, but working out at home is a good choice – and sometimes the only option – for some. These days, I am training clients exclusively in their homes. My clients all have beautiful homes with plenty of space and even home gym equipment, but anyone can get their exercise at home for little or no cost.

Reasons to Choose a Home Fitness Plan

Cost: Working out at home is certainly inexpensive. There are no gym memberships to pay for, and no gas or public transportation expenses either.
Anyone can set a good home gym with a few simple pieces of equipment. I have a plastic step, a Swiss ball, three sets of free weights, and a set of exercise, or “thera,” bands. An adequate and versatile array of home workout equipment can cost any where from twenty to a hundred dollars.
With so many of us going through financial hardship, this is good to know. Many people say they do not have the space at home, but really all you need is a space the size of an exercise mat.
If you know yoga and pilates, you do not even need any equipment. You just need to know what you are doing. Netflix has some great exercise videos for streaming on the Internet. I use them myself when I need a little inspiration. My favorite video for streaming is called, “Yoga for Aches and Pains.” It is simply a fantastic class, great for special populations or those of you with issues or even if you are just not feeling “yourself.”

Privacy: For those of you who are self-conscious, the gym may be a really hard place to feel comfortable or motivated. A good home exercise plan is great for shy people. It is very private; there are no people to change in front of, nobody watching you work out, etc. You are in your own shower or bath after you exercise, and you are in familiar, comfortable surroundings.

Convenience: Working out at home is super convenient. There is no waiting for machines or for space on the stretch mat. You can also watch what ever you want on TV, listen to any music you want, or just take in the peace and quiet. If solitude is not the reason that you exercise at home and you have the space, you can exercise with a workout buddy or two.

Time: Working out at home saves time commuting to the gym. You can also work out whenever you have time, at your own pace, as it suits your schedule. Many busy moms work out whenever they can fit it into their hectic days. For me, working out at home is a godsend, because my odd work schedule leaves me free mostly around noon when there are no outside exercise classes available.

Cleanliness: Your workout area and equipment is as clean as you make it. You don’t have to wipe someone else’s leftovers off a weight machine or rely on a less-than-enthusiastic maintenance crew at your local gym.

Remember, however, there are some challenges when it comes to a good home work out program.

Cardio: is the biggest challenge to a home workout program. How much running in place can you do? Jumping rope can be done indoors if you have room and won’t bother the downstairs neighbors with the noise. Dancing is a good way to get in some cardio if you like to dance. I do a cardio step routine, but be aware that you need to know how to do this safely.

Procrastination and Distractions: If you are the type of person who finds it hard to get motivated, and the TV is more tempting than doing squats and crunches, then working out from home may not be for you. If you go to the gym, you will exercise, you have no choice, there is nothing else to do there. If you feel that TV, chores, kids running round the house, a partner or spouse that need this or that, or the phone will keep you from working out at home, the gym may give you the physical and mental space you need to get your weekly exercising in.

Working out at home is convent, economical, clean and private. With a little self-motivation, it is possible to get into great shape with a good home exercise program. It is not for those who will just sit on the couch and think about lifting those dusty weights someday.


2 thoughts on “Working out From Home.

  1. I have belonged to a gym in the past but as “mature” I can honestly say that I much prefer working out at home for all the reasons stated by Sharissa and especially since I’m fortunate enough to have her as my stellar personal trainer.

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