Kegel Everyone!

This Article in the New York times hold pertinent information for everyone. The article explains all about kegel exercises and how to do them. I have been adding them to my programming for everyone for years.

I have a lot of grateful female clients who no longer leak urine when they jump ,run or go about their daily activities due to pelvic floor training. Pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to even worse ‘accidents”, kegels can help prevent this.

Although I have always added them to programming for women, I learned some good cueing techniques for men last year and my male clients do them now too.

Try adding a few kegels when you do your ab work out. Hold a kegel while doing a plank or throw one in when doing a crunch. When your shoulders are off the floor while crunching tighten the pelvic floor and see how much harder the exercise is .

Pelvic floor training was also a big part of Yoga, it was called keeping in Prana ( life force). Although I am so happy so many people are doing Yoga today, so many of these deeper techniques are left out of modern classes.

Don’t be shy kegel away today!


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