Misleading labeling: Family Farm

From; Animal Welfare Approved.

Misleading Label of the Month & Year of the Family Farmer

The United Nations declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF) “to recognize the importance of family farming in reducing poverty and improving global food security. The IYFF aims to promote new development policies, particularly at the national but also regional levels, that will help smallholder and family farmers eradicate hunger, reduce rural poverty and continue to play a major role in global food security through small-scale, sustainable agricultural production.” Throughout 2014, we will present updates on family farms and how AWA works with them. We’ll kick off with how we define a family farm in Food Labeling for Dummies;

Family Farm
No legal or regulated definition

Includes any farm where the majority of the business is owned by the operator and individuals related to the operator by blood or marriage, including relatives who do not reside in the operator’s household.

Nevertheless, this claim means nothing in terms of specific production practices, sustainability or size. Unless the claim is defined and verified by an independent third party its meaning can vary greatly.

For more misleading labels, view the full version of Food Labeling for Dummies, or download our app Food Labels Exposed.


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