Sharissa Reichert is the personal trainer to meet all of your fitness needs. She is AFFA certified in personal training, nutrition, senior population, Yoga essentials, pre- and post-natal fitness, PNF stretch (specialized stretch), Pilates Yoga Double Ball and stress management.


Sharissa creates your individualized program in a very caring and professional manner. She gives you an exercise program that will make you improve your health, strength, balance, and flexibility. She creates a, and a fitness program that you will truly enjoy. She is well-versed in training clients with special needs, such as bone loss (osteopina and osteoporosis), heart conditions, injuries, knee and shoulder issues, morbid obesity, scoliosis and many other issues.


Sharissa takes a holistic approach to fitness, looking closely at you and your needs as an individual. She takes into account your individual body mechanics, lifestyle, and preferences when designing your program.


Sharissa has 9 years of experience in the fitness field. She has worked at Crunch Gym, and has managed at Fitness Together personal training studios, taught classes, and served as a fitness director supporting other trainers in program design. She is now the owner and proprietor of Bene-Fits Personal Training and serves the greater-Brooklyn area.


Sharissa has an extensive knowledge of yoga, Pilates, weight training, and martial arts and incorporates all of these disciplines into her workouts.

She also has an extensive knowledge of nutrition. She is well-versed in healthy cooking and Proper nutrition.


When she’s not training, Sharissa is a food activist who fights for your right to have healthy food in your neighborhood and on your plate. She is also the developer of the Super 60s workout class for active seniors and the ‘Thought for Food’ seminar on how food affects the brain and how to develop a healthy eating style.



Why work with a Personal Trainer?


Workout videos, exercise classes, and fitness TV shows are meant for 75% of the population. They are not meant for anyone with any type of physical issues. A personal trainer can create a safe, effective program that meets your individual needs. Sharissa has designed thousands of workouts for all types of bodies.


On working with seniors:  


“I love to work with seniors,” says Sharissa. “Seniors are a population that is often ignored and underestimated by most fitness professionals and by society at large. It is amazing to me to watch a person who is over 60 and was told just to stay in bed for their health a generation ago to improve with exercise. I love to facilitate the improvements of my senior  clients. I love seeing them walk better, not have to worry about falls and bone breakage, and be able to do things they haven’t been able to do in years. Anyone can improve. You just have to work at it with the proper guidance.”


On working with pre- and post-natal clients:


“I also love to guide my clients through the birth process. My pre-natal clients have very easy births with little pain, and my post-natal clients look like they did before having their babies – and sometimes better. ”



1-hour session

½-hour session

Skype lesson

Consultation with mini-session and 3 printed workouts

½ hour PNF (full body stretch)


Check out my fitness and nutrition blog


 at On Twitter@bene-fits.



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